A Morning Manifestation Routine That’ll Set You Up For Success

A Morning Manifestation Routine That’ll Set You Up For Success

A Morning Manifestation Routine That’ll Set You Up For Success

Do you believe that the positive energy you put into the world comes back to you throughout the day or even years later when you least expect it? Each morning, I follow a certain routine that helps me manifest a positive mindset and future, and honestly, it’s changed my life. Focusing on the here, now, and future puts me in the right frame of mind to tackle the day as a badass, successful woman. 
To make it super easy for you, I've broken down my routine into four areas of practice: Meditation, Gratitude, Makeup, Getting Dressed. Here’s a morning in the life of moi. 😘

30 Minutes of Meditation

    1. Set my alarm about 30 minutes before I plan to wake up.
    2. Find a meditation that I am feeling that day. One of my faves is Manifestation Babe on Spotify. You can also find free meditations on YouTube and apps like Unplug or Calm.
    3. While I meditate, I use my Celluma PRO LED Light Therapy Device, which helps boost collagen and reduces the fine lines and wrinkles on my face. I’ve been using this for six weeks and have already seen an improvement.  
    4. Cuddle with my fur babies Lola and Gigi.  

Gratitude, Or What I Like To Call “Morning Pages”

In order to start the day in the right frame of mind, I start with a fresh page — a clean slate, if you will.

1. Write down five things that give me a sense of gratitude and link each with an emotion and how it makes me feel. These can be people, things, events, or occurrences.

Some Of My Real-Life Examples:

        • I am grateful for my dogs because they keep me company and make me feel comforted.
        • I’m grateful for yoga because it makes me feel in touch with my body, relaxed, serene, and calm.

2. Write five goals I’d like to accomplish in the future and then link them to emotions in the present tense. This way, it makes the goals more attainable.

Examples That Could Apply To You:

        • Now that I have taken up exercise, I am happy that I feel stronger and feel better in my clothes.
        • I feel so powerful and kickass, knowing that I worked so hard to get this promotion. It makes me feel wanted and appreciated.

Morning Makeup Routine

For obvious reasons, I love this part of my morning routine. So much so, it was one of my first posts for The Jouer Memo. Check "CZ's Easy, 10-Minute Daily Makeup Routine" for more details on why I love each product I apply in the morning.

Getting Dressed

These days, I dress for Zoom meetings. Lucky for all of us, we only need to rock the top portion of our outfits. Sshh: Some days my dress is a little wrinkled and I’m barefoot, but no one on Zoom needs to know that. 😉
Some things to remember:

    • Wear a top that’s fitted and not too baggy.
    • Make sure it has a decent neckline. The crewneck of a t-shirt can look too casual.
    • Wear jewelry. Earrings and a necklace are the perfect pieces to tie your look together.

And there you have it. A look into my morning routine. Head over to my YouTube video for more tidbits on how to nail an easy makeup routine.

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