Jouer is French beauty, the LA way. We create makeup and skincare for those with joie de vivre, inspired by the vibrant cities of Los Angeles and Paris.

Welcome to Jouer

Welcome to Jouer, where you can feel free to enjoy your beauty. We channel the relaxed Los Angeles lifestyle and undone Parisian cool into products that are easy to use and look amazing on, day or night. They’re all made with the highest-quality clean ingredients that nurture your skin and give you that je ne sais quoi the whole time you’re wearing them.

We consistently create the most high-performing products imaginable so you can forget all of your beauty worries and just shine. All the time. As much as you want. Taking cues from the effortlessly stylish inhabitants of LA and Paris, we offer chic, easy-to-use sticks, tubes and compacts you can toss in your bag and head to the café, the beach or wherever your day takes you. This way, you can easily achieve a complexion that radiates confidence, cheeks flushed with secret adventures, or lips that look great while sharing your strongest opinions over croissants and café au lait.

Enjoy Your Beauty, However You Want

Our mission at Jouer is to live freely. Take life as it comes. Make the absolute most of it. We believe...

  • That beauty is about being free to live and look how you want
  • That makeup and skincare should be fun and on your own terms
  • That the most beautiful thing about a person is their individuality
  • That beauty rituals can improve the quality of your life
  • That having a strong sense of self is the sexiest thing imaginable
  • That Paris and Los Angeles are the most amazing cities in the world

We understand that skin and lifestyles change over time. The one thing that remains constant is that we want to feel vital and sexy.

Meet Christina

A tale of two cities

Jouer founder and creative director Christina Zilber combines the cultures of LA and Paris with an uncompromising commitment to creating the highest quality skin-centric beauty products.

"The First Time I went to Paris when I was twelve, I got off the plane and I just felt at home."

There is no beauty like French beauty. That’s the philosophy of our founder Christina Zilber (a.k.a. “CZ”). The American mother of two French-American Gen Z-ers splits her time between Los Angeles and Paris, soaking up sunshine and chicness in equal parts.

After visiting Paris for the first time at age 12, Christina was hooked. On the Parisian lifestyle. On the joy of whiling an afternoon away at a sidewalk café. And especially, on French beauty secrets. Fascinated with the way French women radiate a certain je ne sais quoi with zero effort, the fluent French speaker is equally obsessed with the laid back culture of LA and the joie de vivre of Parisians.

Christina founded Jouer in 2008 to realize her dream of creating an essentials-focused beauty brand with high-end formulas that embody the French obsession with skincare while giving everyone the freedom to express their own sense of beauty.

Every Jouer product is something special, created with our community in mind.

Clean Meets Excellence

Jouer products are formulated with non-toxic ingredients and never tested on animals—without compromising on performance.

Excellence is everything to us. That’s why we formulate from the highest quality, clean ingredients. Everything we make, from skincare holy grails to luxury color cosmetics, is loaded with things that are wonderful for your skin. It’s important to us that every time you use Jouer, you’re going to look and feel better, because we’ve made it a priority to think about the health of your skin.

Our commitment: 100% vegan by 2024.

Every year, we raise our clean standards and update our ingredient lists to bring you products that deliver on pigment and performance—sans toxins. We refuse to compromise on that. We are clean, cruelty-free, and, by 2024, we’ll be 100% vegan.

Jouer products are free of…

• talc
• parabens
• mineral oil
• gluten
• sulfates
• phthalates
• formaldehyde

• synthetic fragrance over 1%
• hydroquinone
• triclocarban
• aluminum salt
• carbon black
• lead
• animal fat

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Jouer (jhoo-ay) means “to play” in French. To us it means serious skincare and makeup for those who think beauty should be playful.