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Healthy Skin Is The Real First Step in Any Beauty Look

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    Beauty Sleep Is Real

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  • Luminize Under Eye

    Overnight Dark Circle Slugging Balm ​
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    Skincare Starter Set

    Daily Hydrating Essentials
  • 6 Pack

    Luminize Eye Patches

    Dark Circle Correcting & Smoothing
  • 60g

    Skin Barrier Cream

    Hydrate & Repair
  • 100mL

    Moisture Mist

    Hydrate & Repair
  • Overnight Lip Mask

    Conditioning & Repairing
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    Bedtime Beauty Set

    Skincare Essentials
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    Under Eye Set
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    Hydrate & Repair

    Skincare Set
  • Microfiber Towel

    Makeup Remover

Jouer (jhoo-ay) means “to play” in French. To us it means serious skincare and makeup for those who think beauty should be playful.