I Tried TikTok And Now I'm Obsessed

I Tried TikTok And Now I'm Obsessed

I Tried TikTok and Now I'm Obsessed

I have a new social media obsession and it seems like the rest of the world does, too. It’s not too hard to guess what it is, unless you’ve been living under a rock. Yup, it’s TikTok.  

Like many, I joined TikTok (reluctantly) in October 2019 because I had to see what the hype was. I was very confused about what it was, other than watching people dance. So, after doing some digging and learning more about the insanely popular platform, I realized how creative people can be with their posts. There is sooo much opportunity.

Yes, I use TikTok to talk about Jouer. For beauty lovers, it's an awesome channel to learn about makeup trends, product recommendations, tutorials, and more. And, the beauty industry has really embraced it.

But, I also love giving my followers a sneak peek into other areas of my life. Check out my tips, tricks, hacks, and goodies I find at affordable prices. (I love a deal!)

Here are some of my most popular TikTok’s: 

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