Jouer Ingredient Spotlight: Retinol

Jouer Ingredient Spotlight: Retinol

Ingredient Spotlight: Retinol

If someone asked you which skincare product you’d want on a deserted island, what would it be? For me, it’s not so much about the product, but more so, the ingredient. And that ingredient is hands down, without a doubt RETINOL.  
Skincare is a long game (like, for as long as we’re alive) and retinol is most definitely in it to win it. In the simplest of terms, retinol is an active ingredient derived from Vitamin A
it's what I like to call the fountain of youth. 😹 But seriously, retinol improves skin on a cellular level. It prevents wrinkles, smooths fine lines, brightens dull skin, and boosts collagen, ultimately giving you a fresh, youthful-looking appearance.
Retinol is powerful and potent, requires education before you use it, then balance once you start. If misused, retinol can cause both mild and harsh side effects such as irritation, dryness, and redness. But when used properly, it’s a miracle ingredient that truly does turn back time. 
Whether you’re a skincare fanatic or just tuning in to retinol’s youth-enhancing abilities, there are many different types of retinol and keeping it all straight can be difficult. (Side note: If you’re looking to investigate retinol in more detail, snoop around Allure and Vogue. They break it down for everyone to understand.) 

Instead of getting into the weeds with the endless information behind retinol, I’m going to focus on an ingredient we use in our Daily Repair Treatment Oil called Revinage. 

Revinage is a “Bio-Retinol:” and an alternative to the Vitamin A-derived ingredient because it:

  • is plant derived.  
  • gentler on the skin.
  • mimics the positive effects of retinol.
  • doesn't deliver the same possible side effects.

And this is what the Revinage does for your skin:

  • stimulates collagen, smooths and plumps skin.
  • provides anti-inflammatory and calming effects.  
  • excellent for oil control and brightens skin tone.

If your skin is sensitive or you’re worried about the side effects of retinol, Revinage is for you. Because it's considered an alternative and isn’t the exact same as retinol, Revinage takes a little longer to see the benefits. But like I said before, skincare is a long game.  
And we’re here for it. 

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