The Controversial Tip For Treating Blemishes Overnight

The Controversial Tip For Treating Blemishes Overnight

The Controversial Tip For Treating Blemishes Overnight

I hate pimples with a passion. I mean, who doesn’t? One pesky pimple or a whole slew of them can creep their way permanently into our photos, and really mess with our self-esteem. From adolescence into adulthood, I’ve had sensitive skin and if I try a new skincare or makeup product (which I do...a lot), there’s a chance I’ll break out if the ingredients are too harsh. No fun.  
So, in an act of solidarity against all blemishes, I am sharing what I think is the best proven method for reducing a blemish overnight. Some may say it’s controversial. I think it’s ultra-effective.

How To Keep Blemishes Away:

If I have to fight a blemish, so be it. But before the big battle, I try to prevent them from showing up in the first place. Every night before bed, I exfoliate and then smooth Benzoyl Peroxide Cream over the areas where I tend to break out. Tip: Exfoliating first helps the key ingredients in the cream soak right in.

The Benzoyl Peroxide penetrates pores and kills the bacteria that causes acne. Remember to only use this to prevent blemishes, and not put the cream on top of a zit! Certain zit creams and lotions dry out your skin. And, the formation of dry skin on top of a blemish is going to keep the blemish around, like forever.  

How To Fight Blemishes:

Let’s say you wake up with an ugly, nasty, angry pimple. Fight the urge and don't touch it in the morning. Cover it with foundation and then take care of it at night. I use Jouer Essential High Coverage Crème Foundation. It’s super lightweight but gives the highest coverage, which is what you want when you’re trying to conceal a blemish.

At night, after you wash off your makeup and exfoliate, you'll need a tissue and a lancet. (What’s a lancet? It’s like a small scalpel used to make punctures or finger pricks.) Use the lancet to ever so slightly prick the center of the blemish.

Wrap the tissue around each finger so that protects the irritated skin, then gently push out the bacteria. If something comes out, great, you’re well on your way towards blemish destruction. If nothing comes budges, that’s ok too — because you’ve created a pathway for the bacteria to be released.

Cover the blemish with a colloidal acne patch to extract all the impurities. Continue with your skincare routine, working around the patch. Now, it’s time to rest and let the patch perform its magic.

In the morning, the patch will reveal all the gook that came out overnight. Sometimes miracles happen overnight, and your blemish is gone. Other times, you might have to do this two nights in a row.  


In the YouTube video below, I also share my secrets on fighting multiple blemishes and what to do add to your blemish-be-gone the next day. Click on it, and I hope you learn a bunch!

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