The ONE Dry Shampoo Tip You Need To Know

The ONE Dry Shampoo Tip You Need To Know

The ONE Dry Shampoo Tip You Need To Know

What if I told you washing your hair could be avoided for multiple days in a row? I know, I know. The notion of less shampooing and conditioning excites me too.  

Using dry shampoo is a great way to cut the grease and absorb oils that build up in your hair, while adding volume at the same time. It certainly works in my favor when I have week packed with (Zoom) meetings or travel (hopefully that will resume soon) ...and really, whenever I don’t feel like washing.  

Dry shampoo has been a real game changer for my hair! These are quick tips on how I dry shampoo my hair and cut my weekly haircare routine in half.

Step 1

Before we get into the actual act, I want to share a secret many do not know: Never use dry shampoo on dirty hair! Only apply the product on freshly shampooed hair, the night after you have shampooed your hair, or on clean hair. That is the ultimate trick. 

Step 2

As you divide your clean hair into sections, spray directly at the root. This will absorb the oil as it comes off your head and before it travels down the rest your hair. Apply to all sections and don't forget the crown and back of your head. 

Step 3 

Brush your hair out. I sleep with my hair in a bun but am very choosy about the hair tie I use, since many can cause damage to the hair. Satin hair ties don’t work for me because they are too tight and crimp my hair.  

The trick to keeping locks smooth overnight is to use a fluffy, soft, loose hair tie — a velvet hair tie is an excellent choice!

Step 4

Wrap your hair in a very loose bun. Give your hair one last spray, then sleep tight. 😴 

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