Vote Like Your Life Depends On It

Vote Like Your Life Depends On It

Vote Like Your Life Depends On IT

When we vote 🗳, we exercise our right as an American citizen 🇺🇸. We make an impact on the laws created for our society and we contribute to change. That’s really powerful when you think about it.    

If you follow me on Instagram or TikTok, you know how passionate I am about voting and empowering others to use their voice. And being a woman, I don’t take for granted the fact that so many women before us risked their lives so we can have the right to vote. So, I plan to exercise that right in full force with the upcoming election this fall.

“The only place on Earth people are equal is the ballet box.”

- Gloria Steinem, Journalist & social political activist

Leading up to the election, I’ve been particularly moved by brands who have spoken up about the cultural issues and the importance of voting. Michael Stars created a collection with Gloria Steinem to inspire conversation and voter registration. Clare Vivier designed a capsule with When We All Vote, an organization dedicated to increasing participation in U.S. elections and closing the race & age voting gap. 

We’ve all been given the gift of freedom of speech and that’s why it’s so important to vote. You can vote for the representatives who share your views.


If you are registered to vote, AMAZING. If not, check for deadlines to register in your state.  
It’s also easy to register on, an organization that believes our democracy works best when we all participate. The site also sends reminders for when you should hit the polls for local, state, and national elections.


Because of coronavirus, states are making it easier for us to safely vote from the comfort of our couch! Every state’s election rules are different. Here is some helpful information by state.


When We All Vote: Michelle Obama, Selena Gomez, Kerry Washington and a slew of other vocal celebrities started the organization to increase participation at the polls through grassroots initiatives. Become a Voting Squad Captain and encourage your community to vote. 
Rock The Vote: This organization has been encouraging young people to vote for 30 years now. This year, Millennials and Generation Z will make up almost 40% of voters. Check out the site to see how you can help.


There has never been a more important time to exercise your right to vote and to get involved. Get out and vote.

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